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With Dangerous Misuse of Drones on the Rise, Drone Defend Quickly Becoming Counter-Drone Security Leader


“Drones are quickly becoming a massive concern for many people which will certainly grow in the coming days or years, and a large scale catastrophe may very well be on the horizon. We are dealing with this today. We have a solution that works, that’s affordable, and proven.”


With greater numbers comes greater threats to Personal Privacy and Security

A scary statistic: well over 1.1 Million Drones currently however only a fraction of those operators are licensed to fly. Most have little or no formal training or understand the danger drones can pose when flying in public settings. Drone Defend offers comprehensive solutions to Detect, Monitor and Deter unauthorized drone flights. Give us a call today to learn more!


Government taking notice!

You know when the U.S. government considers Drones to be a major security threat that it is no longer a laughing matter. The sophistication in attacks has escalated dramatically and the recent attack on the Venezuelan President became world wide news. It is no longer a question of “if” drones will be misused again for nefarious purposes but WHEN. Drone Defend is closely monitoring the progress of these efforts to update regulations and is helping clients to be as prepared as possible for the any misuse of Drone technology.


Drone Market Increasing Rapidly

Drones are readily available online and in electronic stores nation wide. Sales now predicted to surpass $12 Billion by 2021!


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