Why Drone Defend?

Counter-drone Security Experts

Drone Defend is one of the only dedicated counter-drone security companies offering Drone detection and monitoring services for outdoor arenas, campuses, airports, public events and more.  We can assist you in everything from conducting a drone threat assessment, to developing policies, to installing and updating counter-drone technology systems.  Drone Defend leverages years of cyber security and enterprise technology integration experience to address this emerging threat and is quickly becoming the premier counter-drone services group in the Southwestern US.

Field tested, proven technology

When it comes to counter-drone security – be wary of slick marketing from new companies whose solutions can’t deliver on their marketing promises.  Drone Defend represents the latest and greatest technologies available to manage drone threats to your facilities privacy and security. We do not employ a singular limited technology but leverage multiple platforms and techniques in tandem for the greatest accuracy and effectiveness.  Our solutions are the most reliable and positively tested in the industry and consist of only field-proven technologies. Ask for our reference list!

Safe and Compliant

Drone Defend closely adheres to federal, state, and local regulations.  We work closely with your security staff and law enforcement to ensure Drone threats are handled safely and appropriately and accordance with the law.  All of our services and equipment are designed to strictly comply with FAA and FCC regulations.

Character and Integrity

We are always upfront about billing, escalations, and contingencies. Our team members are individually vetted, trained, and are responsible for some of the most stringent security practices in the business. We are your Partner and we always stand behind our team, services, and solutions to ensure your satisfaction.